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Anything For That Smile - Digital Oil Painting

Aziraphale is spoiled because Crowley will do anything to see that smile.

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Picnic Date - Digital Oil Painting

This was the winning suggestion from my Patreon last month, a Good Omens picnic! Credit for the costume construction and reference pose goes to Melissa Dadd and Kristen Collins, and thank you to my boyfriend for taking a photo of them for me. ^_^

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Our Side and New Accouterments - Digital Oil Paintings

Crowley undid the bow tie. ^_^ I like the idea of Aziraphale wearing things that show his allegiance to Crowley after the Notpocolypse, so he has tiger eye cufflinks that look like Crowley's snake eyes and he's now wearing a snake ring with a canary diamond on his ring finger. I love how casually happy they look, Aziraphale's eyes are my favorite, I really wanted them to look ethereal.

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Side By Side - Digital Oil Painting

I’m very pleased with how Crowley’s snarl turned out, it’s subtle, but there!

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Angels Dining At The Ritz - Digital Oil Painting

One more character swap painting for Good Omens! I like this one even better than the last. Michael Sheen looks neat with Crowley’s snake eyes! Also, I put Crowley’s snake figure on his necklace since the beard covers his sideburns.

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Bastille Day - Digital Oil Painting

To be closer to the actors' actual personalities, I flipped the roles. Because David is a clueless baby angel who has no idea what twitter is and Michael is this slightly feral Welshman for whom the intricacies of the internet are no big thing. So here I painted Michael as Crowley saving his idiot husband from the Bastille for dressing too posh.

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somethingfeline asked:

So I just finished Good Omens and am trawling the tag and saw you posting about purgatory headcannon and was wondering if you would post about it?

Yes, I would love to talk about it! Okay, so the whole point of Good Omens is Heaven vs Hell and how the line between what is Good and what is Bad is blurred. In parts of Christan theology, there's not just heaven and hell. There's literally a realm that is the blurred line and that's purgatory.

Obviously, Good Omens is written with the assumption there is no purgatory. But there's a very easy way to include it without changing how the story works out. Purgatory is for people who aren't 100% good or evil. It's supposed to be like last chance to turn things around to get into heaven. So basically I'm seeing it as the long waiting line to get through the pearly gates. If you're a really good person you get to skip the line and walk straight into heaven. If not, you have to wait in customs for who knows how long.

Okay, so that's what Purgatory would be like and why it would exist in Good Omens. But now I'd like to toss in the headcannons about when purgatory was made. You don't need Purgatory when the angels fall into hell. You don't need purgatory when your humans are pure in the garden aren't intended to die. You don't even need it when the humans are kicked out of the garden. Humanity's death rate isn't big enough yet because they're still working on the birth rate. But when is there a sudden influx in human deaths? The Flood. Sure they were killed because they were "evil" and the higher-ups wanted to start over. But like Crowley said there were children too. That would just lead to a long line of souls waiting to get through one of the gates thus causing the creation of Purgatory sort of accidentally.

Now, who runs purgatory? Can't be an angel cause they'd want as many souls as possible to get into heaven. Can't be a demon cause they'd do the same thing only for hell. It needs to be a true neutral party. One that keeps souls from wandering back to earth during the wait and goes through the checklist without bias to see when they qualify for one of the gates. This would lead to a third race that isn't an angel or a fallen angel. I like to think an angel and a demon worked together to make the neutral party. But it could have just been God, doesn't really matter.

I tried to figure out a name for the race from church iconography and I came up with two. One Gargoyles which were statues built to protect churches or two Imps which were supposed to keep souls in hell. You see in Dante's Purgatorio there's no named race except the angel that guards the gate to purgatory. The souls just sort of stay in there. So there's not an already set up supernatural race to use.

Anyway being neither angel or demon makes them be seen as lesser by both sides. I don't want to be obvious with solid grey wings. So probably speckled wings? a mix of black and white. There are some pretty bird wings you could use for that. All the angels and demons choose forms of older more mature humans but something tells me the Imps are comfortable with young adult forms. Just the idea of them fitting into the rebellious kids' category according to angels and demons sounds funny to me. "You're only 7000 years old you don't get a say in this you're practically a newborn!"

They didn't want Armageddon to happen FYI. They're true neutral to the point of not wanting either side to win the fight. The reason none show up during the whole mess is cause just 5 days of Apocolypse is enough lost souls to overwhelm their system. If the whole world died at once? They'd have the worst thousand-year work week ever. They also probably have Death as one of their bosses. There's no arch-Imp to be in charge so they get assigned a boss whose whole job is collecting souls anyway. Death got a lot of employee complaint letters when he got home lets just say that.

There might be some Gargoyles on earth before and after the Apoconot. They'd be like ghost hunters almost? Going after souls that either don't want to leave earth or have gotten tired of waiting in the Purgatory line and decided messing with mortals would be a more entertaining way to spend eternity. There's probably an increase of Gargoyles on earth after Armageddon just because so many souls used the chaos to sneak back to earth.

Anyway, that's my Purgatory idea. You're free to make an OC based on this if you want. Just tag me so I can read it! You don't have to keep the name Gargoyle or Imp if you think of a better one. I'm 100% open to suggestions on that. I also debated giving them webbed wings like gargoyles and imps have in art. But since Good Omens actively gave the demons black feathered wings there's no point to give the neutral party bat wings. Even if I love bat wings.

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i really appreciate how crowley and aziraphale are middle aged in the show

they could have had young pretty 20 some year olds casted as them since they're immortal but they didnt

and taking that into consideration it's dissapointing to see fan art based off of the miniseries where they look young

20s is not the only age you find and experience love

“To The World” - Digital Oil Painting

Featuring the Gay Glance and the Smitten Stare. ^_^

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“Two Ineffable Husbands and One Troublesome Nephilim” - Digital Oil Painting

“Ooh, Daddy... Papa has made some truly scandalous scribbles in the margins of his old angel handbook!” “What? Let me see!” “You told her to call you ‘daddy’?” “I like it!”

Angels and demons don’t mate. Or at any rate, there had never been a precedent for it... until now. In one spectacular accident, Aziraphale and Crowley ended up with a sassy half-angel, half-demon offspring.

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flip a coin/thousands of years long slow burn

Gotta say I love how Aziraphale didn't argue over the other angels calling Crowley his "boyfriend"